Press release, M20 Full HD 60fps


Optilia announces Full HD 60fps upgrade for the cost effective M Series Video Inspection System (VIS) 

A specification says one thing but eyes are the true arbiter of the image quality Optilia products are known for. It is therefore only after careful development that Optilia has announced the availability of an optional upgrade for its economic M Series systems. This delivers brilliant Full HD (1920x1080p) imaging at 60fps with a 30x optical zoom, that satisfies Optilia's stringent demands.

M Series systems are built to be reliable and durable in the same demanding conditions as the premium W Series but with a simpler plug-and-play approach that is ideal when other specific control methods are not required.  With an integral compact control unit and a high quality aluminium single-rod stand, setup is simpler and the desk footprint is reduced. 

Nevertheless in common with the W Series many other options including FreeSight (500mm working distance) and the ESD-protected housing, are available and Optilia accessories such as Close-up lenses, the SD-card Image Capture Device and the XY Floating table are easily integrated into the system.

If your task demands the best possible image the M Series Full HD will give you superior imaging at an economic price. It is further proof of Optilia's reputation for delivering the best technology for video inspection available, in a range of robust and configurable packages suited for industrial life.

M20x -HD, Fulld HD 1080p

Published 10/27/2014