Press Release, new OptiPix version


Optilia announce a major new release of OptiPix Image View, Capture and Measurement Software

Optilia is excited by the latest 1.7 release as with the inclusion of Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages it marks the significant progress that Optilia has made in reaching far beyond its native Swedish shores aided by new distributors in East Asia.

The new core functionalities of the release are:

- The measurements are completely rebuilt with an emphasis on flexibility and customizability, including an improved distance measurement incorporating new edge detection technology.

- The calibration procedure is greatly enhanced with less steps and improved ease of use.

- The software now automatically finds and connects to the Optilia devices; W30x, W10x, M20x or from the Flexia BGA system series. Camera parameters, image adjustments as well as predefined calibrations are automatically set, depending on the connected device and software version.

- It is now possible for the user to disable any software function and remove it icon from the software interface in order to make the user-interface simpler and cleaner. The changes are possible to protect and can be enabled using a password.

- The database versions now include enriched search options as well as improved editing possibilities.

OptiPix 1.7 is available in a variety of task orientated versions that augment Optilia's specialist video inspection products from BGA electronics to Capillaroscopy. Please see our website and contact us to learn how OptiPix can empower your vision needs.

There can be no better epithet for Optilia's OptiPix software than Empowering your Vision! A picture really does paint a 1000 words but a picture studied with OptiPix may be worth at least 10000!



Optilia BGA inspection system with OptiPix


 OptiPix1.7 2

Screen-shot of OptiPix software


Published 6/24/2014