Press release, Optilia Inline HD System


Optilia brings High Definition Vision to your SMT line process

Optilia HD Optical Systems can be used to inspect the quality at each stage of the manufacturing process of Printed Circuit Boards. By installing an Optilia Inline HD system after solder paste printing, component placement or soldering it is easy to discover and prevent failures early and reduce wastage and downtime. Accordingly, there are real financial advantages by using such systems because the sooner a failure can be detected the easier it can be addressed.

Optilia has applied the extensive knowledge and experience it has gained from designing solutions for most demanding electronic manufacturing companies to providing cost effective and easily configurable Inline Optical Inspection packages.

The core features of any Optilia Inline Solution are excellent vision, powered by one of the trusted range of Optilia Full HD inspection cameras, and the capability to place it anywhere you need using professionally engineered XY-translation hardware.

Optilia Inline Solutions are engineered combining robust and smooth running rails with rigid double-boom assemblies using ball-bearings and high-grade materials. They are easy to specify and can accommodate any practical X and Y travel ranges. Hardware can be mounted into existing racks or on benches to extend over conveyor belts or repair stations.

Additional accessories offer side-angle viewing from the same stable platform and convenient digital image capture and processing capabilities.


Optilia Inline

Published 2/02/2015