Press Release April 2014



Steady support for when you need another angle!


Tilt Table incorporating a simple and elegant design solution.

When using Optilia's High Definition Camera Microscopes there are occasions when the top-down view is insufficient to discover crucial features and reveal what is going on. Optilia now provides a simple and elegant solution for such cases.

By swapping your x-y table for this convenient and stable tilt platform, the subject under inspection e.g. a populated PCB, can be rotated through 360 degrees in combination with up to 30 degrees of tilt, affording side views of for example device packages, legs and solder joints.

The design incorporating a large spherical joint with makes it as durable as it is stable and the 250mm diameter platform is furnished with adjustable PCB holders and an ESD protected non-slip mat to safely maintain the desired position leaving hands free for other tasks. For heavier objects or when an optimum fixed position is required, the Tilt Table may be ordered with an optional electromagnetic position lock.

The addition of an Optilia Tilt Table to your inspection system kit adds an entire new dimension to your examination possibilities.



Tilt _table




Published 4/24/2014