Optilia-Ersa co-operation


Optilia Instruments AB has signed an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) distribution agreement with ERSA GmbH. The agreement encompasses the "Mobile Scope", a special version of Optilia´s Hand-operated BGA solder Inspection System.

"By jointly offering a flexible, mobile and cost effective BGA solder inspection system, this partnership is of benefit to electronics manufacturing customers worldwide", says Mr. Sasan Esmaeili Managing Director of Optilia. "This announcement highlights our commitment to providing electronics manufacturers with innovative and affordable high-quality optical inspection tools". "Optilia has a strong sales network in Europe but mobile BGA solder inspection system will now also become available for customers in markets where Ersa has strong presence, such as the US and Asian markets". 


About Optilia

Optilia develops, manufactures, markets and supports user-friendly and flexible visual inspection systems to a number of industrial fields, including the electronics and medical. Optilia products and solutions are used for high quality optical inspection for quality control, non-contact dimensional measurements, digital Image & video recording and archiving. For more information, please visit www.optilia.eu.


About ERSA

As a manufacturer of high quality equipment and tools for the electronic manufacturing industry, ERSA presents itself to its customers as a highly innovative technology partner possessing extensive process knowledge, who also possesses the competency to take on overall process responsibility. The trend in industry to select partners that offer overall solutions is gaining in importance, given the ever increasing complexity of manufacturing processes and continuously rising cost pressures. The product range of Europe's largest manufacturer of soldering systems comprises screen printers, reflow, wave and selective soldering machines, rework systems, hand soldering stations and inspection systems whereas all ERSA products have been developed focusing on the customers' needs. Learn more: www.ersa.com.

Contact  Optilia:
Sasan Esmaeili
Managing Director
Optilia Instruments AB
Djupdalsvägen 22
S-192 51, Sollentuna, Sweden
Phone:   +46 (0)8 35 33 60
Fax:       +46 (0)8 35 33 63
E-mail:     Info@optilia.eu
Contact ERSA :
Director Sales
ERSA Tools, Rework & Inspection Systems
Leonhard-Karl-Str. 24
D - 97877 Wertheim
Phone: +49 (0)9342 800 211
Fax:      +49 (0)9342 800 100
E-mail:  info@ersa.de

Published 4/28/2011