Quality Policy

Our quality ambition is to be a professional supplier of modular digital microscope.

This means that:

• We shall be the best on the market to supply systems with long life and high product quality.

• Our systems shall be designed, developed and manufactured so that the best possible image quality is obtained.

• We will offer our customers knowledge, competence and high level of customer service.

• We will strive to always develop products and systems with unique properties.

• We will build systems and methods to meet customers and other involved parties requirements

• We will constantly review our working methods in order to improve ourselves and the business.


Environmental policy

Optilia Instruments AB shall work to minimize their own environmental impact as far as it is ecologically motivated, technically possible and economically reasonable.

We do this by:

• Provide safe products with a long life.

• Choose if possible, suppliers based on environmental impact

• Selecting and developing environmentally work methods, products and systems, as far as possible.

• Dispose of our waste, choose environmentally friendly packaging materials and preventing pollution as far as possible.

• Reduce our energy consumption, as low as possible.

• Increase our knowledge and our commitment to environmental issues that affect us.

• Identify, interpret and comply with the environmental laws and other environmental requirements affecting our business.

Our environmental work will be continuously improved with the help of continuously revised environmental targets and programs.


We are proudly certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. 

ISO Cert